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The Verano Residents Council (VRC) is the democratically-selected body representing the residents of Verano Place. It is elected and budgeted to provide services, goods, and advocacy, to the benefit of Verano residents. In co-operation with the Verano Housing Office (VHO), it is the task of the Verano Residents Council to ensure the continued success of the Verano Place residential and community environment, by representing and responding to the interests of Verano Place residents.

To understand better how the VRC serves the community, you could check out some of the accomplishments of the VRCs of the past three years.

The VRC constitution is designed to facilitate the Verano Residents Council's mission and to establish its rights, responsibilities, procedures and membership.

The purpose of the Council is to foster, support, and encourage the creation and maintenance of a home environment for students and their families, in order to facilitate the highest levels of academic achievement, and to represent the interests and community needs of both student and non-student residents. The Council is established as the democratically-elected body in Verano to advocate the interests of Verano Place residents to the Verano Housing Office and the University administration.


Graduate Housing Issue Report by AGS

The Associated Graduate Students' Council (AGS) has recently issued a report about the current issues relating to graduate housing concerns here at UCI. For your convenience it has been made available here by clicking on the link above.

Cat Ban Letter

The Verano Residents' Council sent a letter to campus housing administration and other campus department heads taking a stance against the new cat policy moratorium. The Housing Administration and the office of the Vice-Chancellor have chosen to disregard the requests of the majority of housing residents.

7 Speed Reading Review

We have been looking for educational products for our members to better educate ourselves. Take a look at this new review of a speed reading product called 7 Speed Reading. I think you will like this software!

Contact Information:

The VRC can be reached by email at vrc@uci.edu.

Alternatively, residents may contact individual VRC Members directly.